Saturday, 20 December 2014

End of the Rainbow - the banking pot.

End of the Rainbow, 2012 -on my website with lots more detail here.

Affectionately known at 'The Banking Pot,' this one uses the shape of the Indian money-pot and traces the relationship between art, religion, banking and pots. I'm proud to say that the first bank was clay pot - a storage jar full of grain.
Featuring: The bull and the bear, St. Pauls (complete with the Occupy tents), the Medici boat and coat of arms, Tate Modern, Damien Hirst's Dolphins swimming down the Thames, London Bridge, a rainbow, The Tower of London, Cezanne's Card Players, and assorted patron saints of pottery, banking and accounting.

90cms high x 54cms wide.

Contact for price list and to see the pot.

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linda said...

You work is beautiful and remarkable. Wish I had a kiln huge enough to fire huge pieces.