Saturday, 27 August 2016

Land and Skyscapes at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre, August -November, 2016

Five pieces showing as part of the Autumn Rotation at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre, opposite the British Museum, from August 1st - November 1st 2016. From the top: Hordley Swamp, (2016), 35 cms diam. Wootton Floods, (2016), 35 cms diam. London, Sledging at Broadwater Farm, (2015), 50cms diam. London, Autumn Fair, Hyde Park, (2015), 40 cms diam. Sun Setting After A Storm, London, Late Summer, (2015). 35 cms diam. All of these are shallow dishes, pinch-pots, slip-painted earthenware with scraffitto, and clear glaze. Top two are photographed by me, the bottom three are photographed by Sylvain Deleu.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

New and Recent work - These pots will be shown in 'Hidden', 6 Mason's Yard, SW1Y 6BU, September 2016, and at GAllery 286, Earls Court Road, SW5 9AS, November 2016

From the Top
Nightwalker, (2014)
Travelling West, (2013),
WW1 1915-6, Ararat to Albania, (2015),
Me with 'Drinking Hemlock' (2015), Postcard from the Caliphate in the background,
Me with Drinking Song for GAlloway, (2015,) as above,
Postcard from the Caliphate, (2016)
Postcard from the Caliphate, (2016)

Danse Macabre or Postcard From The Caliphate, (2015-16)

Danse Macabre / Postcard From The Caliphate, (2015-16)

This pot is all but finished. It has yet to be professionally photographed, and still lacks the lustre firing that will deepen some of the reds and help to vary the local colour and colour saturation.

No one likes Islamic State, or ISIL or The Caliphate, or whichever name we use. Lampooning IS is, well, therapy perhaps but it makes no difference. It works as satire but as serious social or political critique, attacking IS is hardly subversive by anyone's standards, unless, of course, the viewer just happens to be a supporter. The critique in this pot is aimed at what is currently referred to as the 'regressive Left.' It may also be called, the 'hard Left,' 'the pseudo Left,' 'the Apologist Left,' or just 'Nothing Left.' Again, call it what you will, it amounts to the same thing: that part of the British political Left which is apologist in its attitude and response to Islamism, which routinely appeases dictators and fascist or fascistic leaders, as long as they threaten America and/or Israel. In short, it is the Left-overs that have thrown their lot in the far Right.

The targets then are 'Stop the War,' (see the Stop the War jugs in this post,) George Galloway, Anjem Choudary, Julian Assange, Asim Qureshi and Moazzem Beg (CAGE), Yvonne Ridley,  and assorted fawning, selfie-taking, followers, who dance around the base of pot, genuflecting and group-hugging their idols, (thank you, Nicholas Poussin and the Golden Calf.)

The appeased leaders are: Vladmimir Putin, Bashar Al Assad, Sayeed Ali Khamenei, Kings Abdullah and Salman, (House of Saud),  Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Hasan Nasrullah, (Hezbollah), Khaled Meshal (Hamas), Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, and assorted jihadis including Mohammad Emwazi. They all ride the Islamist Roundabout in one direction or another. The Islamist flag is depicted in butt-plugs - my thanks to the clever, imaginative soul who made the original for the 2015 London Gay Pride. I also salute Mark Gertler's magnificent Merry-Go-Round in this pot.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Party time with John McDonell...

John McDonell had a farm
Eee Aye Eee Aye oh!
And on that farm he planted cash
But it didn't grow.

With a deficit here
And a printer there
And quantitive easing everywhere,

With normal times here
And special times there
Borrowing and spending and selling off shares,

With Osbornes here
And Camerons there
And Tory porkers hogging the air,

With protests here
And campaigns there
And Corbynistas tearing their hair,

Poor Johnny Donell's printer jammed.
His farm just had to go...

Stop the War - the drinking jugs

These are the Stop the War drinking jugs. I hate StW with a vengeance because they posture as 'anti-war,' but are far, very far, from pacifist. On the contrary, they are a partisan Nationalist organisation, apologists for every dictatorial regime on earth and for jihadists everywhere, and are strongly pro-war as long as it is against America or, above all, Israel.

Stop the War
Protest in a tweet
Kiss Assad's arse
Prostrate at Putin's feet
Salute the Ayatollahs
Appease the Caliphate
It's Israel and America
We all love to hate.

We are all
Bomb Israel
But Stop the War.
Hamas rools
Hey! Palestine!
Fuck Sharia
This ale's divine!

Stop the War
Milky and sweet
Be nice to Mr Assad
Kiss Putin's feet
Salute the Ayatollahs
Chat with the Caliphate
It's Israel and America
We all love to hate.


Jeremy Corby's Cider Jug

A Cider jug for Jeremy Corbyn - the Corbo-sensitive should look away now.

Jeremy Corbyn
Likes it cosy
His beard and bonnet
A little bit posy?
Perhaps his glasses are tinted rosy..
His politics are Crap.

He's a great admirer of Hamas
Khaled Meshal is his friend.
In bed with Hezbollah
Sir Hasan Nasrullah
Doth ram-rod his glistening rear end.

So watch it if you're arty
And offend the Shariati
Or blaspheme the Cornbynati
You'll feel the force of their knee-cap

And mind if Corbyn wins the day
If you're a Jew, or if you're gay
Because jihadis want their pay
And he's a squirming in their lap.

So soddit let's just have a party
Proper Bacchanaliati
Lest Cobyn's sychophantiati
Turn off our cider tap!