Thursday, 27 November 2014

Open Studio part 2 December 7th 2-6pm and by appointment until then

Dinner With Svetlana, 2009  Therein lies a tale which you can read about here:

Svetlana was commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Esfahan, for the show set for April 2009 - cancelled due to uprising.

Comprising 7 large plates, (40cms wide appox): £2,500.00 (ono) as ever, payment arrangements are very welcome indeed. (It tells a story so the set needs to be kept together) if you'd like to view this work before December 7th.

Open STudio part 2, Sunday December 7th 2-6pm and by appointment until then.

Top: The Look 2009, from the show 'How to Eat a Pomegranate' 2010 and originally destined for the Museum of the Contemporary Art, Esfahan, April 2009. The show was cancelled because of the uprising, or rather because of 'sensitivities' according to the Iran Foreign Ministry.
The Look, 2009 £380.00 (large plate 43cms width approx)

Also: Thinking About Migration, 2009. From the same show with the same outcome.
£780.00 (very large plate 55cms approx)

Contact: if you'd like to see either of them before December 7th.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Big Pot Sale! St. Mark of the Farm -time to sell.

St. Mark of the Farm, 2012 

£ 3500.00 (three thousand five hundred) payment arrangements very welcome indeed.

Contact me at or 07771 872473 to see the pot any time up to December 7th

You can read more about this pot here.

Drum Roll..........Open Studio Saturday November 15th - Sunday December 7th: Irises

Love Among the Irises, 2011 SOLD

Drum Roll..........Open Studio Saturday November 15th - Sunday December 7th: Beware the Agapanthus!

Beware the Agapanthus! 2011 SOLD 

Drum Roll..........Open Studio Saturday Sunday December 7th 2-6pm, and by appointment until then.

Open studio at Chocolate Factory N22:  Sunday December 7th and by appointment until then. 
Do get in touch:

Plates from top: Balkan Cake Plate, Floods at Moonrise 1, Floods at Moonrise 2 
£95.00 each These are big dinner plate size, ie about 12 inches or 30 cms 
Contact me at or 07771 872473 to arrange to come and see them. 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Drum Roll..........Open Studio Sunday December 7th: How to Make a Wedding Photo 2, (and by appointment from now-Dec7th).

My personal open studio ( as opposed to the Choc Factory's) is extended by appointment until Sunday December 7th. 
On Sunday 7th  is open to all who wish to come just to see. Any time up to then, it's by appointment:

I have a small number of works for sale at BARGAIN prices. If you're interested, buy now, because this is unlikely to happen again.

From 2009, How to Make A Wedding Photo, 1 & 2,  Wedding 1 has sold - that's at the bottom of this post, with me, to show scale - Wedding 2 is still available and a little smaller:

How to Make A Wedding Photo, 2, (four views,) - Featuring me with a group of friends in Iran. We're looking at the wedding photos for one of the women on the pot. They're showing me how they photoshopped the event into a mad Hollywood fantasy, (perfect wedding photo). It's a romantic snowy castle in Scotland with a white horse this time - I don't need to ask why and they feel no need to explain.

Sale price is: £1,200.00 (one thousand two hundred pounds). Payment arrangements are extremely welcome. Suggested deposit, £250.00.
Thereafter, £100.00 per month or as arranged would be fine.
Contact me at or on my studio number: 07771 872 473 if you would like to make a time to see the pot between now and December 7th.