Friday, 7 March 2008

Welcome to The C word

Friday, march 7th 2008. Dark moon according to my diary.
Dear Readers,
Welcome to The C word, which in this blog refers to in particular to Craft and to Class. The first is art's C word, the second is the C word of political theorists, academics and journalists, among others, or as someone, (Terry Eagleton?) put it, 'the issue that got away'. Just to warn you, I think commas may be one of my personal c words, since I'm inclined to lose the plot with them, so if any school teacherly types feel inclined to get out the cyber-red-pen and correct my postings, I'd be eternally grateful. Vis a vis the class thing, I've heard there's a series of telly programmes on the matter, and I know I wont get round to watching any of them; so please, send in your reviews and comments if you have a better relationship with your telly than I do.

My name is Claudia, and Clare is my surname, which is also a rather feeble excuse for the title of this blog, and I'm a potter who likes writing. I do write in a proper published sort of way, but here I get to say what I like. Welcome then, to the unedited version. The next four posts I wrote in February, over a weekend I think. I wanted to use it to get the blog started, so It's pasted in and I hope will give some of you, both of you, something to get your teeth into.

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