Sunday, 9 March 2008

More on The C Word's purpose

Next posting, same day, more on The C Word’s purpose.
The Crafts Council – the ultimate C word – What is it good for? This, I hope, will be the first official in-depth C Word interview. I’ll keep you posted.
Next, I very much want all of you to write in and tell The C Word about your projects, shows, happenings, research. Yes, that’s ALL of you. Be you pit-firing in tipis, or hard-core theorising in isms, I want to know about ALL OF IT, especially students/learners, and above all, I want to hear from Feminists, pro-feminists and might-be-feminists and what you’re working on. Just one request – keep it short, say 2-300 words in the first instance. If some really chewy stuff comes back I might start another sister blog, or I’ll find a way of re-routing the weightier stuff, so it’s got its own grazing area. We’ll see.
Ah yes, The C Word does lean towards ceramics, in fact it’s pretty much exclusively about ceramics so far, and yes that is one its primary purposes. This is the bit I want to kick off first. The rest will come, and if it doesn’t, then that is because matters ceramicy are absorbing all my energy for now. As above: we’ll see.
Finally, I plan to continue reviewing events, and new writing on ceramics and anything else that looks interesting.
Links now live, and some more to be tracked down. will eventually upload some pictures on to the site to pretty it up a bit.

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