Thursday, 17 March 2016

Song for Galloway - the drinking jug

Drinking song for George Galloway - who is depicted wearing a leotard playing pussy-cat (this is from a reality TV show,) while Anjem Choudary as vulture, (aroused), sniffs his bum.

Meet my friend George Galloway
He worships Ayatollahs,
He genuflects to Ba'athists
And he LOVES the Hezbelollahs.
He entertains his Islamists
In a purple leotard
He's not much good at pussy
But he licks cream good and hard

Oooh Galloway's coming to London
He wants to be the mayor,
Anjem's lot'll love him up
But he doesn't have a prayer.
When we've thrown him out of London
He's off to Liverpool,
He's buggered off from Bradford
No one wants him
Bloody fool!

That second verse should be sung, drunkenly, to the tune of 'My Old Man's a Dustman.'

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