Thursday 17 March 2016

Party time with John McDonell...

This has been described as 'equal opportunities offence,' which I whole heartedly endorse. 

John McDonell had a farm
Eee Aye Eee Aye oh!
And on that farm he planted cash
But it didn't grow.

With a deficit here
And a printer there
And quantitive easing everywhere,

With normal times here
And special times there
Borrowing and spending and selling off shares,

With Osbornes here
And Camerons there
And Tory porkers hogging the air,

With protests here
And campaigns there
And Corbynistas tearing their hair,

Poor Johnny Donell's printer jammed.
His farm just had to go...

Stop the War - the drinking jugs

These are the Stop the War drinking jugs. I hate StW with a vengeance because they posture as 'anti-war,' but are far, very far, from pacifist. On the contrary, they are a partisan Nationalist organisation, apologists for every dictatorial regime on earth and for jihadists everywhere, and are strongly pro-war as long as it is against America or, above all, Israel. The words are a parody of their own slogans and statements. 

Jug 1 - Top two images:

Stop the War
Protest in a tweet
Kiss Assad's arse
Prostrate at Putin's feet
Salute the Ayatollahs
Appease the Caliphate
It's Israel and America
We all love to hate.

Jug 2 - Last three images:

We are all
Bomb Israel
But Stop the War.
Hamas rools
Hey! Palestine!
Fuck Sharia
This ale's divine!

Stop the War
Milky and sweet
Be nice to Mr Assad
Kiss Putin's feet
Salute the Ayatollahs
Chat with the Caliphate
It's Israel and America
We all love to hate.


Jeremy Corby's Cider Jug

A Cider jug for Jeremy Corbyn - the Corbo-sensitive should look away now.

Jeremy Corbyn
Likes it cosy
His beard and bonnet
A little bit posy?
Perhaps his glasses are tinted rosy..
His politics are Crap.

He's a great admirer of Hamas
Khaled Meshal is his friend.
In bed with Hezbollah
Sir Hasan Nasrullah
Doth ram-rod his glistening rear end.

So watch it if you're arty
And offend the Shariati
Or blaspheme the Cornbynati
You'll feel the force of their knee-cap

And mind if Corbyn wins the day
If you're a Jew, or if you're gay
Because jihadis want their pay
And he's a squirming in their lap.

So soddit let's just have a party
Proper Bacchanaliati
Lest Cobyn's sychophantiati
Turn off our cider tap!

Song for Galloway - the drinking jug

Drinking song for George Galloway - who is depicted wearing a leotard playing pussy-cat (this is from a reality TV show,) while Anjem Choudary as vulture, (aroused), sniffs his bum.

Meet my friend George Galloway
He worships Ayatollahs,
He genuflects to Ba'athists
And he LOVES the Hezbelollahs.
He entertains his Islamists
In a purple leotard
He's not much good at pussy
But he licks cream good and hard

Oooh Galloway's coming to London
He wants to be the mayor,
Anjem's lot'll love him up
But he doesn't have a prayer.
When we've thrown him out of London
He's off to Liverpool,
He's buggered off from Bradford
No one wants him
Bloody fool!

That second verse should be sung, drunkenly, to the tune of 'My Old Man's a Dustman.'