Tuesday 18 March 2008

post from Linda Bloomfield re CLF

Introducing an intriguing post from Linda Bloomfield about the CLF. I know this sounds like the militant wing of Ceramic Review, but it's actually the Country Living Fair. Here's what she confides:
I have just returned from exhibiting at the Country Living Fair in Islington, which is for ladies from the country to come and do a day's shopping. The good thing about it is that you get huge numbers of customers who wouldn't go to the usual ceramics and craft fairs. They buy my pink cake stands, jugs and bowls and some come back every time to add to their collections. They come from as far away as Yorkshire and the Scilly Isles. There is not much competition from other potters, apart from the likes of Emma Bridgewater or similar. Makers there included Jane Cox, Anna Perring of Luna Lighting, Lucy Dunce, who makes beautifully decorated earthenware dishes, and Gemma Wightman. I also saw a few of Katrin Moye's luscious fat jugs on Margo Selby's (woven textiles) stand. If you make things which appeal to women from the town and country, then you can sell a large amount at this show.
Linda's website here.