Saturday 27 August 2016

Land and Skyscapes at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre, August -November, 2016

Five pieces showing as part of the Autumn Rotation at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre, opposite the British Museum, from August 1st - November 1st 2016. From the top: Hordley Swamp, (2016), 35 cms diam. Wootton Floods, (2016), 35 cms diam. London, Sledging at Broadwater Farm, (2015), 50cms diam. London, Autumn Fair, Hyde Park, (2015), 40 cms diam. Sun Setting After A Storm, London, Late Summer, (2015). 35 cms diam. All of these are shallow dishes, pinch-pots, slip-painted earthenware with scraffitto, and clear glaze. Top two are photographed by me, the bottom three are photographed by Sylvain Deleu.