Friday 4 October 2013

British Ceramics Biennianl: Display of five of my pots in the Award Show 2013, at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery

This post is in response to some of the questions I have been asked since my five pots went on display at the British Ceramics Biennial as part of the Award Show 2013.

The following links will take you to more images of the pots and some of the events and stories that prompted me to make them.

The above image is a selection of five of my pots at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery in Stoke on Trent. From left to right the pots are: Travelling West, St. Mark of the Farm, Pageant, Nothing Like a Kiss, (slightly in front and lower down,) and, far right, ‘Remembering Atefeh.’

Travelling West
Travelling West was made especially for BCB and has yet to be photographed by itself. I have written a post, outlining the story that it depicts. The post is directly below this one. The images are phone photos taken in my studio. They are a ‘tour’ of pot, turning anti-clockwise.

St. Mark of the Farm
My blog post about this is as a companion piece to another pot, Wedding Procession, and can be seen here with images of both pots. The first image shows both pots, with St. Mark of the Farm on the left. The next two images are both view of St. Mark of the Farm. There is a detailed account of the story and landscapes that feature on the pot, (it depicts the funeral of Mark Duggan). It was done as a ‘tryptich.’ There are three main views to the pot, which borrows from the convention of the Renaissance altar-piece. There is more in the blog post to explain this decision and also the title. More images can be seen here.

More images of Pageant can be seen here. A general introduction to the exhibition, ‘An Extraordinary Turn of Events,’ of which it was a part, is here.

There’s Nothing Like a Kiss
My Blog post is here. Images of this pot and the two others in Molly’s Odyssey, can be seen here on my page of Francis Kyle Gallerywebsite.

Remembering Atefeh
More images of this pot, including the interior imagery, can be seen here. There story of Atefeh and of the making of the pot is here.